“To inspire great ideas and the confidence to sing – that’s what I want my music to achieve; that’s what I want my life to be.”

Hot on the heels of achieving the Merit Award (2nd Place) winner in the Digital Audio category of the 2011 Indonesian ICT Awards for his 4-on-the-floor football-themed song “Satu Kosong”, Endy Daniyanto is now in the process of promoting his recently released “VIVA! Hermesian” record. This album, a spontaneous love-labor between Endy and his friends in The Hermes author’s circle – a prolific group of young authors – features his own friends as singers and is a compilation of soundtracks for the Hermes e-Novelette series. This debut release from the self-proclaimed “singing-songwriter, as opposed to singer-songwriter” is also the debut release of the newly-established, vinyl-replica producing record label Trampolin Records, headed by the front man of Morissey-flavored indie rock band Planet Bumi, Nyoman Suardhita.

Working with a diverse array of people and talents – not only in the music industry, but in the creative industry overall – it’s no surprise that diversity has always been a foundation in the musical style of Endy Daniyanto. Heavily inspired by the musical proficiency of Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu (famed for his video-game soundtrack work for the Final Fantasy franchise), Endy aims to plant his own blend of fluency in diversity in the seeds of his work by conjuring up his own recipe made from the music ingredients that make his ears stand on end.

Receiving rotation at local radios such as RRI Pro 2 105.1 FM, Endy’s primary sound has an after taste of “cool and soothing” and can be enjoyed by fans of “The Corrs, SHE, and Sixpence None the Richer” [1]. But it’s not always that easy to put a finger on the musical menu of Endy Daniyanto – since his sound often times jumps from one end of the spectrum to the other; as shown from the ethereal, loop-based solo acoustic guitar arrangement of “Gravity”, to his sombre-piano-breaks-into-dubstep remix of Daft Punk’s “The Grid”.

An avid fan of role-playing video games (though he says it’s been years since he clocked his last game) and a firm believer that “a good musician is the next of kin of a good cook”, Endy’s dive into music was a leap of faith. That’s because music wasn’t always his number one career choice. “I decided to pursue a music career after unsuccessfully trying multiple times to land a corporate job, and after one entrance test with a mining company, I called out to God and said, ‘If I get accepted, I’ll take the job. But, if I don’t get accepted, I’m gonna take this as a hint, and start to seriously pursue music.”

Obviously, he didn’t get accepted.

“I keep asking myself: ‘what’s my unique voice? What is it that I have to do?’ I have these old songs, I mean, these broken hearted songs that I wrote more than a decade ago and I haven’t released them yet. But I want to change that. I think there are too many broken-spirited songs in domestic radios today. That’s why I want to write songs that have hope and confidence, and – though not always bright and happy and upbeat – have an underline that says we should all strive to be better persons, and reach for our dreams.” That’s the main color that he wants to present in his current project, “Jump 4 Faith” – the debut album from Blue Summer, Endy’s main musical enterprise with the vocalist Andre Ramadhan.

That’s not the only album he’s working on. Being the regional candidate from the capital city Jakarta for the 2011 IDP Song and Lyric Competition, Endy is sensitive and critical of the metropolitan lifestyle. That is why he agreed to be the producer for “Menyapa Tuhan Menyapa Alam” – a compilation album in collaboration with Mencari Anak Bangsa, a movement initiated by Indonesian cultural curator Mr. Memed Budiarto, with a vision to “bring the essence of traditional culture into the mainstream youth today.”

It’s a good thing that mining corporate job didn’t work out then, since we all need more musicians like Endy Daniyanto, to bring back the “social responsibility of artists, who have the responsibility to inspire society and, at the highest level, create change.”

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